“A friend recently opened up to me that she wouldn't be with her child's father if it weren't for their child. Do you think she should try to work it out for the child's case or go with her gut and get out of the relationship? They have been together over 3 years, and have the same issues.”

If your friend wouldn’t be with her child’s father if they did not have a child then I would say she should go with her gut feeling and end this relationship. That is not to say that they cannot have some form of relationship…they do have a child together, but it does not mean that they have to be in an intimate bf/gf relationship. If the parents are together and not getting along, it won’t do the child any good to grow amongst stressed unhappy parents. Also your friend won’t be happy in her relationship and could end up resenting her partner or her child even…especially if they have tried to work in out before in their over 3 yr long relationship.

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