"How To Tell When It's Time To Move On"

I hope that I can bring the clarity that you mentioned. It seems to me that since your heart is already involved then it is past friends already on your part. The back and forth sounds like a game to me and games often lead to heartache. Relationships are risks and there’s rarely many places you can run to avoid heartache in relationships. Sometimes the most painful situations can lead you to the most warm and heartfelt situation, so don’t be scared of that. At the beginning of your story you said that after the first couple of dates he began to withdraw and so did you and then you replayed in your mind what it was that you might have done. After that, you withdrew! I think that was the first, uh oh. You did not know what was going on, was it your fault, was it his? I don’t think it’s anyone’s fault, but since you were the one to notice the withdraw, it would not have hurt to ask him…never know unless you ask (for future references). Back to the back and forth aka the games. Seems like a bunch of excuses if you ask me, especially if it’s following just because you started to do the same thing. Doesn’t seem genuine at all! You sound very observant but I’m not quite sure if you have discussed this with him…if not you should. Don’t throw in the towel on something you want if you haven’t even told the other person how you feel. On the other hand if he already knows and is still acting like this then, game over.

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