Would you accept your significant other flirting with other people, even if you had convinced yourself that they aren't "physically" cheating? And what do you think constitutes flirting? Calling someone a pet name that they usually call you? Them calling someone else handsome, beautiful, or sexy? What do you think?

It sounds like a pattern of your significant other, to flirt with other people. My first thought is no, I would not accept my significant other flirting with other people. No was my first thought because I would not like it at all if my significant other were flirting with other people. That would be sort of embarrassing and hurtful to me. The key word here is acceptance. I would accept my significant other for who they are BUT I would not accept the behavior (flirting with other people). I think a lot can constitute as flirting, but I think a lot has to do with whom the interaction is between. Some people take kindness for flirting, laughing, or being generously friendly. Obvious flirting would be an interaction that involves romantic intent where maybe contact information is exchanged, physical gestures towards one another, or starring just a little too long. Okay and your last question…calling someone else your pet name? I would say that is crossing the line. If they are in fact your significant other, it dwindles the significance of your relationship if they are passing out the same term of endearment to you to others. I don’t think there is anything wrong with recognizing the attractiveness of someone else when done tastefully. I can’t help but wonder what the rest of your story entails. I’m used to asking follow up questions!


  1. interesting blog..found your blog from Ifys page and I have to say I think one way to figure out boundaries for acceptable flirting is basically by being sensitive to the other parties feelings and to put yourself in the other persons shoes. Was out to dinner with a coworker and the server didnt know we were not together so I noticed that she was uncomfortable at how friendly/flirty he was being and she kept looking at me to see my reaction.If we were on a date that would have been awkward and a sure sign he was crossing the line and I would point out the specific things he did or said eg, thanks for the food recommendation it was really great, you must be too? this is where she was like huh? and looked at me.

    1. Thank you for your comment Nanya! I completely agree with you :) It's always good to put yourself in someone else's shoes for a second, especially in instances such as this. Thanks for checking out my blog <3 Erica