So I recently met this guy and I am falling for him, he's not perfect but he seems perfect for me. Its scary how much I like him, I told my parents about him and I just found out that he told his family about me. The problem is that he is moving about 13 hours away next month, and doesn't like long distance relationships. To be honest I don't like them either but I love talking to him, and I honestly feel like this is my future husband (which scares me too). I feel like he is worth the risk. I can't really explain it, but since we met I know that everything has changed, I feel that I have met the man who balances me in a way that I didn't know I needed or wanted before ... what should I do??

Love this! So you both told your families about one another. That’s great! Long distance is tough but it is doable. Phone calls, texts, letters, video chats are just a few of many ways to stay in touch and connected. Sure there’s the infidelity and trust piece but that can happen living in the same town under the same roof. I say go for it! You are communicating some very strong feelings and from the sounds of it you have not felt this way before. Also, it seems that the feeling is mutual and that is very rare and hard to come by. I’m sure neither of you want to risk losing something great because its too risky to try. I think that you should definitely have a talk with him about what it is that you want and ask him to communicate to you what he wants. Start there first and take it one day at a time. If he really doesn’t want to do long distance and you decide that you don’t either then take a step back because it is important that you both agree about the kind of relationship you want. It is important that you discuss with one another why you both don’t like long distance so that you both have an understanding. Depending on how the conversation goes…discuss ways that it could work. It is a sacrifice because there are certain things you won’t get that maybe you would if you were not long distance. I think you have to decide which aspects you are willing to sacrifice and which ones you are not and how important those factors are to you.

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