So there's this guy (my best friend) that I've had a crush on for years now, 10 to be exact! Sounds crazy right? Well when I first liked him I was on and off with my boyfriend of 4 years so I never told him. Once we finally broke it off, two years later I let my friend know how I was feeling. I was surprised to find out that he felt the exact same way but never said anything because he thought I saw him just as a friend. This was during my sophomore year of college so we were in two different cities. We kept talking often like we normally do but we weren't able to really go anywhere from there so we pretty much stayed in the friend zone. I went to visit him back in April and all the feelings that I had were still present. We're going to go on our very first date in a few weeks but I get pretty nervous to tell him about my feelings that I have for him and I think that he i too. We can talk about anything to each other but the whole feelings we never address it even though it's obvious. We only get to see each other a couple times a year so that I think it keeps being put off but I want us to have a serious conversation on our date about how we feel to see if we're still on the same page. I don't want to be the first to bring it up. I prefer for him to say something first. HELP!!!!!

Yay! Woohoo! You took a vulnerable risk and told him how you felt. That takes courage! What’s even better is that he felt the same way! Sounds like if you two lived in the same city at the same time you would be together no questions asked. The problem is you are not. Well this doesn’t have to be a problem but in your case it seems that it is. I wonder if the lack of visits per year is because you are not together so there is no expectation to try a little harder. Do you think that would change if you were together? Maybe you would both put forth more effort to see one another once officially a couple…just a thought. Seems like the distance is your biggest hurdle right now. Ten years is a very long time and it sounds like you two have a very strong connection, which is hard to come by. Some years ago you took a risk and told him how you felt and you were surprised he felt the same way. You had a good result, which is the good news. So you know you can do it! You can tell him, you’ve done it, and survived. The bad news is that I don’t have any control over if he will say it first or not and neither do you. I think you are definitely on the right track. A conversation is in order (so far so good). It can be scary to be the one to put yourself out there but it is also scary to not have the conversation and wonder what if, especially since you do not see each other often. Good luck!

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