Hey, so I've been dating a guy for about a couple of months but he's way older than I am, I'm not sure if my parents will accept it, any advice?

 Hey! Thanks for stopping by…let’s get right to it. The very first question that popped into my mind is your age and the age of your guy. Knowing this information would make a huge difference, but that’s okay…we’ll figure this out. If you are a teenager and you’re dating someone who is late twenties or older, I can take a wild guess that your parents wouldn’t be too thrilled about that. Maybe you are an adult in early adulthood and your guy is a little younger than your parents. Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that you care about your parents and their opinion. The fact that you are questioning if your parents will accept the fact that you are dating someone older says something about your relationship with your parents…in a good way. It says that they matter to you and that possibly you want them to be happy with your decisions in life. Since I don’t know your age or the age of your guy, my advice to you would be to have a discussion with your parents about this. Cues scary music*…take a deep breath, it’s okay. If your parents are the one’s you are worried about and questioning, then they are the one’s to talk to. Tell them what you are worried about, whatever the outcome is, at least you will know. Your parents are important to you and the person you are dating is an important part of your life right now, I don’t think it would be a good idea to hide the two important aspects of your life from one another. After talking with your parents, if they accept it then I'm going to assume that you got what you wanted. If they say that they don't approve that could mean a lot of different things, again based upon your age. If you are an adult then this might mean that your parents may need time to take in the information, stomach it, and move to accept it in time. If you are not an adult then this will go very very differently, some things may be out of your control, trust your parents. 

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