I've been friends with this guy who I've liked for about a year now. I finally gathered the courage to tell him about 3 months ago that I liked him and he surprised me by telling me that he liked me too. Though he told me he liked me he also told me that we should just be friends. At first that was hard to accept but being around him was so natural he has always been a good friend. Just when I was getting use to this only friends agreement, on Christmas Eve he decided to kiss me. Not a peck on the cheek but a passionate kiss on the lips. This made me very happy at first but then I got confused because friends don't kiss do they?

Do friends kiss? Well before I get to the answer, which I already have in my mind, I want to say that this guy sounds messy, messy, messy (I’m shaking my head). I think it’s great that you were gutsy and told him how you were feeling. That’s real honesty, courage, and not easy at all so you should be proud of that. So you tell him how you feel and he says he feels the same way, ok easy enough…the confusion comes in when he says he feels the same way BUT wants to remain just friends. From what I gather, you wanted to be more than friends…that’s how you felt, right? So when he said he felt the same way I’m guessing he didn’t because he wanted to be just friends which doesn’t seem to be what you wanted. He may have his reasons but for now it’s looking pretty messy. Back to your question, do friends kiss? Well the short answer is No…at least that’s my answer especially if you have to ask. We have strangers, associates, friends, best friends, and more than friends. There are categories for a reason so that we know how to act according to which zone we fall into. I think that kissing falls into the more than friends zone somewhere and he specifically told you that he wanted to be just friends. Is this a sign that he’s changed his mind or just him being messy him? Again, he may have his reasons but for now I’m going to say it’s him being messy. 


  1. Anonymous10:47 PM

    Run!!!!! That kiss was just to keep you hanging around. It meant nothing to him. That's just the way guys are. The fact that he kissed you shows how little he respects your friendship. If his feelings have changed then he should have expressed that up front. You should not have to question his intentions. Have enough respect for yourself, even if he doesn"t, to stop investing in a relationship that has no future. RUN!!!!!!

  2. Boldly put, RUN now and RUN fast!! Thanks for your comment :) <3