Hi Erica I wanted to ask if it was possible to have a great, better, and truthful relationship in an already ongoing relationship that kind of started out with a lie. If it's possible, how do we start to make that change and have a better, truthful relationship. Do u think we can make it work?

Hey! Thank you for stopping by :). Ok so right away, the simple answer is…sure you can. It is POSSIBLE and it DOES happen but like I always say, every relationship is different because not one relationship involves the same players. The other thing is the lie. How long? How big? And why? on and so on. Does this matter? Not always. If you two are willing to make it work then that is what matters. I don’t know what the lie was but a lie is a lie. Lies can cause great issues in a relationship such as distrust. I think trust is one of the main foundations of a relationship. If the trust is gone, it’s pretty hard to get it back but if you two are willing to do the work you can work towards re-establishing the trust in your relationship. In life as individuals we make mistakes and grow and learn from them. You most certainly can do the same in relationships. For example, from this you can learn that in your next relationship you do not want to start out with a lie rather it was your lie, their lie what have you. OR you stay in your current relationship and this situation forces you two to talk about this stuff, you forgive, and learn something more about each other. A bad situation does not always have to lead to a bad result. I saw this quote the other day and it said, “For challenges are beautiful opportunities in disguise”. This most certainly is a challenge and the opportunity could be what happens from this challenge. If you BOTH decide to continue your relationship together you can’t hold the lie over the other person's head and if you agree to be together, then continue to talk about it and tell each other what makes you feel uncomfortable and what helps. You can make it work if you can both agree to work towards re-establishing the trust and communicating with each other about how you feel and what you need. If you can not do this or your partner can not then the opportunity is to find someone that can. Hope this helps!

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