Hi Erica So, my situation might sound a little funny but I really need your advice to help me out of this situation. I am single and at the place where I work there is this person, my coworker, and from the first day on we have been kind of more, friendly together and caring towards each other but absolutely never talked or expressed any feeling. The only thing is our eyes connect sometimes and we do care about each other, and everybody around us says stuff like we are with each other. Sometimes he texts me and to be honest I feel I’m having kind of crazy and deep feelings towards him. Sometimes it chokes me because I don’t know if I should or should not. Yesterday he asked me a million times what is wrong with me and why was I kind of weird at work and why didn’t I talk to him as much, (which I decided on purpose) so I stayed away from him and I refused to explain. The whole night he kept asking and I tried to say it out indirectly that you are the reason, and indirectly I said, if I say it out loud I won’t be able to come to work anymore, and I will miss you until Monday when I see you. So after I said that, he didn’t say anything to me. I feel so embarrassed now and I don’t know if I did the wrong thing or not. Please help me out because sometimes I feel I am about to die because I can’t talk out loud to share it with someone...

Goodness gracious, I can feel the agony! Alright, let’s get started. I don’t see anything wrong with two single people flirting, especially because from what you describe it seems pretty mutual. Also you say that the other coworkers can tell too and agree that it is mutual. So who is going to make the first move here? It can be such a pain to make the first move when you don’t know for sure how the other person feels. It can feel like the end of the world! The good news is…it’s not the end of the world and you can still report to work on Monday. So you indirectly made the first move…pretty much. It’s out there now and you can’t take it back. In my opinion, the best thing to do is to own it. Tell yourself “it’s out there, it is what it is, no point in beating myself up about it”. If he feels the same way great and if not that’s okay. Laugh at yourself a little and it might make you feel better. In life, sometimes when we like someone we do some things that are so embarrassing! It’s all about the way you look at it. Look at it as taking a risk…look how brave you were, right? Was it right or wrong? I don’t think there is a right or wrong here. I believe everything happens for a reason and that you can find something positive if you try. So the other part to this is that you haven’t talked to anyone about it. I think the bigger issue here is that. Where are your supports? Do you have one person who you trust? Go meet up and talk about this or whatever else is going on in your life that has you on edge. You might find that they have been through something similar or can just be a ear to listen. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve done some embarrassing things too LOL and I have a lot of friends and family who would say the same about themselves! So going back to your coworker friend, if you haven’t already, it might be a good idea to call him, text, or talk face to face about what you said…just so its out there. You don’t want to have to dodge him at work every time you see him in the halls! The more you avoid this the more you will dread going to work. Have a little chat…it can’t be any worse than what already happened. OWN IT :)

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