So, I cheated on my boyfriend several times with the same person. He's starting to have demonic dreams and I think it's God’s way of warning him from me. Should I tell him what I've done? Or don't tell him, and just break up with him?

Right to the point, I like that. Ok! So it seems like you have made the decision to end it all together. Cheating isn’t exactly honesty since he has no idea that you are cheating on him. With that being said, I don’t see any reason to be honest now. Don’t tell him. Telling him may clear your own conscience but it will most likely devastate your boyfriend. Break it off BUT don’t break it off without a reason. I think people like to have a reason for closure. Now, I’m not saying to lie or make something up…tell him why you are breaking up just minus the cheating part. There is a reason you are cheating and there is something going on with you or your relationship that has led to your feelings of wanting out so stick with that. Hope this helps :)

One last thing. I had another thought! I don't know the extent of the sexual activity...I won't make the assumption that there is but I won't make the assumption that there isn't. Just make sure that you and your partners are protected and if not...THEN you may want to tell your boyfriend. Just being cautious here!

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