Hello young lady this is my very first time visiting your blog! So I am going to keep it simple. I need some advice. I am really attracted to a new female friend. I usually don't have trouble talking to females but for some reason when it comes to this particular young lady, I seem to choke up and start to feel like butterflies are in my stomach...I guess it’s because of my insecurities due to my current lifestyle but I really want her to get to know me, without scaring her away!!!! She shows me attention but I'm not sure if it’s just friendly, business, or possibly relationship attention! I'm confused on what's the next step I should take with the young lady. Can you help me with this situation?

Well hello, thank you for visiting and asking a question! I’ll try my best to help. So you met a new friend, whom you are attracted to and you want her to get to know you without scaring her away. My first thought, is why you think you will scare her away? Maybe she will scare you away! (lol). What about your lifestyle are you concerned about? Is it your new friend who will find issue with your lifestyle or do YOU already find issue with your own lifestyle? If you think that your own lifestyle is an issue, maybe that’s something to consider personally for yourself. Can you do something about it? Do you want to? Ok so back to the young lady…I think a first step would be to get to know her and allow her the opportunity to get to know you. It sounds to me like you are overthinking and in your head about this situation. There seems to be a lot of what if’s coming up for you and that just builds and builds more insecurity and more reason to get choked up. I don’t know what’s going to happen between you and the young lady but simply being friends is a good place to start. It gives both parties the opportunity to get to know one another without the relationship pressure etc. If you’re looking for where to start, my advice is to treat her how you would treat one of your friends, asses, and then go from there. Good luck!

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