Hi Erica, came here from Ify's vlog and I absolutely love both of you. Now I am in a long distance relationship and my man is working and studying so we don't really have time to talk, this has been bothering me and I don't know what do, please help me.

Hey! Thank you, I appreciate the love :) Being in a long distance relationship can be conflicting although not impossible. You are two individuals in different places with different schedules and obligations. The common denominator here is that you are in a committed relationship together. One important key factor is communication. You absolutely must communicate. In the case that no one has time, you have to make time because it is just that important if you want your relationship to be healthy and lasting. Relationships and emotional health are just as much as a priority as working and studying. Life can get crazy (do I know it!) so this is where scheduling can help. It takes effort. You may have to schedule phone calls and time for each other because it’s just that important. Plan visits in advance, utilize your calendars, and stick with it. When you're busy, it can be frustrating trying to find time, but if it’s worth it, you make the sacrifice. I hope this helps :)

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