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About Me:
I believe that first impressions are EVERYTHING. Which is why finding just the right way to introduce oneself can be such a pain...but it’s a must. Hey, I’m Erica and welcome to my blog. I love to help others by offering a listening ear and by giving my advice. Many of my friends and family members ask for my opinion in regards to their romances, friendships, family feuds, and life challenges. I am happy to do it for them and in fact, I decided to make it my career. I went to school and earned my Master’s degree in Couple's and Family therapy and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. I’ve worked with a wide array of people with various issues and it has been a very fulfilling experience for me thus far.  

My Purpose:
The purpose of this blog is to offer advice to those in need, regarding their relationships. I have provided a tab for each relationship type (Love, Friendship, Family) all of which are technically interchangeable. All of my advice is my opinion and it comes from my heart.

My Goals:
My goal is to offer a genuine shoulder and to bring comfort, inspiration, and love to those who seek it.

The Difference:
All of my advice and opinions come from my heart. I try to put myself or someone dear to me in the situation of who I am responding to. I am less interested in "keeping it real" and more interested in helping others heal. I will be honest and I hope to challenge you to use your heart and I promise to use mine.


  1. I'll do the honors.....Erica, fix my life! Welcome xo -Ify

    1. There's one! Thank you :)

  2. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Awesome blog! Can really feel that it's from the heart <3